Thursday, 12 January 2012

MK2 Hot End kit is now on sale.

After some extensive testing and pre production modles, my MK2 Hot end is now on sale.

The Heater is unchanged.
The heat Shield is now made from 16 MM PEEK rod.
The mount is turned to 14.5mm to fit most of the Wade Extruders.
The Grove is 10mm dia X 3mm wide.

I have incorporated a Unique Tube Clamp.
The PTFE sits over the end of the nozzle and is clamped in place by the PEEK.


  1. I am browsing via Android and Opeta. I do not see a link to purchase or price for item.

    1. go to emaker's webshop and you will find the listing of the mk2

  2. You can buy my Hot ends from

  3. Hi, I bought this from you last week. I believe this is an improved version to your MK1, and I can confirm that it mounts much better than your old one. However, it seems that the friction is VERY VERY HIGH now my extruder motor is overheating to 70C because it kept missing step so I had to turn up the voltage from my stepper motor driver, and kept clearing my hobbed bolt... Also, I have molten plastic flowing from the top of the brass end, (the joint between PEEK and brass block. I never had this problem when I was using your order design...

    Can you advice what I can do to solve this problem?

    Many thanks.

  4. Hi
    I am new to 3d printers and now I am planning in building my 1st one which I want to be a Prusa Mendel, what I want to ask is if there is a video or any instructions of how to install your hot ends to the extruder, I hope you won't find my question silly and I sure hope for an answer.
    Thanks in advance