Monday, 2 January 2012

ParCan MK2 HotEnd Developmant. Attempt 2 (Good Progress)

After the faults of the first attempt, this design attempts to create a Clamp for the PTFE tube.
I also dislike the idea of having the filament exposed to PEEK.
Using the lathe I drilled some M6 rod then turned down the end so that I could slide the PTFE tube over it.
As you screw the Brass / Tube into the PEEK, the idea is that the PEEK will clamp the PTFE tube.

I then made a new Brass Tube from M7 brass rod, drilled it 3.2mm for 3mm filament.
The PEEK is 15mm dia and 30mm long, drilled 15mm deep and tapped M7.
The rest of the hole is 5mm dia.

I then screwed up the nozzle so cut the tube down and screwed on one of my standard nozzles.

This is actually mounted on my Mendel at the moment amd prints reasonably well.
The tube interfce works but there is to much Thermal mass to get really nice prints.

I have created 2 more of this design with the nozzle as intended
These have been sent them out to some fellow reprappers to evaluate and do a write up.
If all is well, I will have these on sale in Mid januray.

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