Saturday, 11 September 2010

Heated Bed Update.

Well this is not going to get any where near hot enough for ABS if people are saying 110 C
After 30 mins it got to 76 C 

I also checked the Voltage on the 12 Volt rail - 10 Volts with the heater connected. That about 75 watts. 

My PC Power Supply is simply not up to the job :(


  1. Found a better power Supply.
    With the heater on I get 11.75 volsts out of it.

    Now over 80 C on the surface, but still a long way from 110 C.

    If I add in another 2 Heater Wires, 1 on each side of the circuit I can get the resistance to 1.2 ohms (2 X 0.6 ohm in series) = 120 watts.

    Add in another 2 I get down to 1 Ohm (2 X 0.5 in series) = 144 watts.

    I'll keep going.

  2. The PSU with the low 12V probably needs more load on the 5V rail.