Thursday, 2 September 2010

Reprap build Notes: Part 3. A few hints and Tips on the Build process.

Gather the parts you require and check them.
Remove any Burrs, sharp edges and rough bits.
Check every hole size and drill as required.

CLEAN UP Dust and swarf before you start each section of the build.

Use parts Bins for all your fixings. Lay them out the way you like – you will soon memorise what is in each parts bin.
Have a “Dump” parts bin to put extras in and the stuff you drop on the floor etc.
Use NyLoc Nuts wherever reasonable.
Many of my fasteners were done up with Std Nuts then a Nyloc was added as a lock nut.

Once a section is complete Check it. Then check it again. 
It's far easier to make adjustment when the parts are small and managable.

I started with the X Axis, as per the Build Instructions.
No real issues other than the parts I bought needed a lot of finishing work.
The Bearings on the end plates I used m8 washers with m4 washers inside for the belt guides. This allows the Belt Guides to rotate with the bearings.
Store your X axis assembly somewhere clean.

The Z Axis was straight forwards.
Make sure the 4 large Blocks are drilled so that the studding holes overlap slightly.
Check the teeth on the Lead screw cogs are good. 
I used large support washers and shakeproof washers either side of the cogs.
Make sure nothing protrudes to far down or you will scratch your work bench.

The Y Axis and Bed was more challenging to get nice.
This was mainly due to the poor quality parts I bought.
Get the bearing Blocks built and done up tight.
Assemble the base Lose, then tighten up with the 8mm rods in place.
I made the belt clamp nuts Captive. Far easier to tighten later.

The Frame:

The M8 nuts on the end of the rods are all NyLoc.
I tried twice to get my fame square using the method described in the build Instructions.
On the 3rd Attempt:
To get the Triangles square I used 8mm rod offcuts in the horizontal holes. I then measured the frames with a vernier to get them within 0.1 mm and built the 2nd exactly the same.
Once the triangles were built I used the uprights to get the widths correct.

If you have them, put a ½ nut and washers between the Z axis blocks.

Once your frame is assembled check it for squareness before you add any extra parts. It should sit flat on all 3 sides.
Double check all the measuremants.
Lock any plain nuts in place with a dab of Locktite or nail varnish.

Add in the Z axis support rods and check the blocks are square and level.
Loosely put the bed in place and check that the bed does not catch on any of the rods underneath.

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