Thursday, 2 September 2010

Reprap build Notes: Part 4. Getting the whole thing together.

Now you can complete the assembly.

Remember the Back Left corner is your Datum / Home point.

The Rods for the Z Axis must be perfectly vertical.
Make sure your frame is flat both ways with a spirit level.
Start with a Plumb Line, get the rods in place then use a spirit level to make sure the rods are vertical then remove the rods.

Now you can add in the X Axis assembly. Take care not to twist it on the lead screws
Make sure cogs and bearing are centred on the lead screws, Do them up tight and add some Thread Lock. You really don’t want these coming lose.

Now put the Z Axis Rods back in place and re-check them with a level.

Tighten up the bed and check that the bed runs free and square.
Do Not tip your frame with the bed running free. I locked mine in place with a rubber band

Check and adjust all the bearings. 
The bearings should all touch the rods and you should be able to turn the bearing with your fingers against the friction on the rod.
Check the X carrage and Y bed run free and true.
Add in the Belts, and motors and adjust. The belts should not rub on the washer or reprap parts either side of the bearings in a perfect world. Reality however makes this somewhat impossible to achieve.

Once the motors are fitted the bearings looked a bit exposed. I fitted an M5 washers and a small grommet over the shafts to stop dust getting in.

I made the flags from the case of a dead CD Player.
Thick enough to work, Easy to cut with Snips.

The Motor wires looked a bit exposed. I stripped the insulation off a bit of coax cable and ratted the wires through with a paper clip tied to some cotton thread.

With a bit of luck it shold look something like this:

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