Thursday, 2 September 2010

Reprap build Notes: Part 2. What you need to get started.

You will also need the following Consumables:

Selection of Heat shrink tubing.
Selection of Cable Ties.
Selection of Glue ( Cyanocrylate, Epoxy, UHU)
Electrical tape, kapton Tape, PTFE Plumbers tape.
Some Coax cable ( great for sleeving, De Solder brade and copper wire )
Selection of Grometts.

You need a bench at comfortable working height with Power, Lighting and ventilation. Minimum 2 M wide and 600 mm deep.
Try and organise a clean area and a dirty area in your Build space.

General hints and Tips.

Gather the parts you require and check them.
Remove any Burrs, sharp edges and rough bits.
Check every hole size and drill as required.

CLEAN UP Dust and swarf before you start each section of the build.

Use parts Bins for all your fixings. Lay them out the way you like – you will soon memorise what is in each parts bin.
Have a parts bin to put extras in, stuff you drop on the floor etc.

Use NyLoc Nuts wherever reasonable.
Many of my fasteners were done up with Std Nuts then a Nyloc was added as a lock nut.

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