Sunday, 17 October 2010

Extruder / Heater design

I have been thinking all weekend about how I can improve on my Heater and Nozzle design.

Looking at the current designs HERE I keep thinking that the heat block is the wrong way around. 
The resististor needs to run in line with the filament....

It would also be good to have easily interchangable Nozzles.

This is what I have come up with. (I only have MS paint so the drawing is not great).

The PTFE insulator is the same.
Drill and Tap the PEEK insulator to M10 then screw it on to the Heater.

You will need a bit of Brass 10 mm x 20 mm x 30 mm.
Cut the insulator end out with a hacksaw and turn it a lathe with a 4 jaw chuck.
Screw the Heater on to the teflon.
Add the whole thing to your extruder plate.
Make you Nozzle shorter than usual.
Screw in your nozzle to suite. You may need a Brass m6 nut to retain the Nozzle.

You could always turn the nozzle on the other end of the heater if you wished.

I plan to try and make this in the next week or so.

Your comments and ideas are as always welcome.

PTFE End                                                                                                     Nozzle end

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  1. HeeksCAD is open source and free
    QCAD is free, and only has a time limit on use before you buy (100 hours)

    You have good ides, hope the software helps, btw I did a tutorial series back a few months ago, if you need more help just drop me a line!