Sunday, 10 October 2010

First attempts at printing

I Got my electronics on Friday. I went for the Gen 6 Offering from Mendel-Parts.
These boards are Professionally produced to a VERY High Standard.

Install was Plug and Prey, (As I turned the power on for the first time) Nothing did anything nasty and the Magic Smoke stayed contained as it should.

Saturday AM I connected it up to my Lappy and worked out how to set the USB Port in the RepRap Host software, however it flatly refused to play.
RepSnapper was downloaded and the default settings used, but that also refused to do anything usfull either.

I also broke the Extruder, repaird that and then the Heater failed.

Attempted a Print late Saturday evening and the Repsnapper software refused to do anything like waht i was expecting.

Sunday AM I got the copy of RepSnapper from the downloads page at  Fired it all up and loaded the "Test Object" file from the RepRap Host software.

This is what I got after about an hour.
It looks good from the top, Unfortunately the result is in reality far from good enough.

The base lauer Peeled up from the Tape on one end. The next layer then failed to stick to the base.

As you can see there is a lot of air in there as well.

The base also Curled on one side.

On a positive note, the angles are all correct and the sides are Vertical in both directions.

All in all - not to bad for a 1st attempt.

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