Saturday, 23 October 2010

Update: New Heater / Extruder Design

Today i have spent most of the afternoon in Terrys Workshop.

I made a new Style heater first. there is a fair old bit of Turning involved in that.
All went to plan and only broke 1 0.5 mm drill.....

I then started work on my own design.
Once the 4 jaw chuck was in place, I hacked off a lump of Brass about 35 mm long.
It Took a while to set it up in the chuck but once it was centered away we went.

Starting  with the 13 mm M10 Thread first, then just moving 2 jaws turnd the job around and turned the nozzle. I decided not to do the Removable nozzle. If I need to I can do that by machining this one.

Once the Nozzle was machined, I drilled it to suite my 1.8 mm filament and put the 0.5 mm hole in the end.
Turned it around a second time. Put in the M7 thread for the PTFE in, then the M10 Thread for the peek.

The job was moved sideways 12 mm and the hole for the resistor drilled.

The results i think are really good.

The PEEK I drilled at 8.5 mm and Tapped it to M10.
the Teflon is standard design.

1 comment:

  1. If you get build up in the nozzle, how do you clean it?

    That looks like a very large hot zone on that heater, and VERY close to your PTFE, you might have jamming issues.

    Other than that it looks nice