Sunday, 24 October 2010

Heater: Update 2

Spent the morning completing my new Heater.
I glued, with Fire cement, the thermister into a 1 mm hole, about 3mm deep between the heater and Nozzle. That seems to me to be the most logical place for it.

The whole thing is also encased in kapton Tape so it can't ping out.

The PEEK block needed some thought or I'd never do up the nuts on the bottom, or worst still, transfer all the heat up the M4 rods.
The Heater side nut is recessed into the PEEK with enough space to get a socket on to it.
The resistor wires have been crimped and Insulated and I'm prety much ready to go.

Once i get the machine printig later today (I hope) I can swap over to the new design.

If this works I'll get on and do some propper drawings and maybe even make some more and try out the removable nozzle.

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