Sunday, 24 October 2010

Heater works very Well.

After getting my machine going, I installed my design of heater.
I built a new connections board for it. - 2 LED's, Resistor and a 4 pin Molex header.
Why 2 LED'S ? - I install em both ways around so 1 is on nomatter which way the heater is connected.

I also had to make a new Z flag as the new heater is longer.

It gets Nozzle temp much quicker than the Block Heaters.
The nozzle is only 2 degrees lower than the heater (According to my IR beam thingy doofah).
The Block heater was 5 degrees C cooler.

It prints well, even after turning up the Extrusion speed.
It stays put, no noticable movement in it.
The M4 screws that keep the PEEK in plase stay Cool.

I really can't see any operational disadvantages here and now, howerver it is not easy to make.

You need a good lathe with a 4 jaw Chuck.
You need to be able to hold and spin a lump of  brass 10mm x 20 mm x 35 mm. 50% Off Center.
You also need to hold the whole thing steady enough and fast enough to get the 0.5 mm hole in the end.

I'll get some pictures up either later tonight or tomorrow.

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